Training and coaching

In-house training and coaching tailored for your organisation: online or in person

In-house training  You can arrange any of the following courses in-house for your people ― either online, or face-to-face in your offices:

Fewer than, say, 8 people to attend the training?  Then you might like to book them on one of our regular online courses.

In-house coaching  We support you and your people with one-on-one in-house coaching.


Contact us to book in-house training or coaching

Online plain language training and coaching: just for you, or for a few people

Online training You can book a place ― or a few places ― on one of our online courses. 

These online courses are open to the public.

They cover the same material, and use the same exercises etc., as the plain language writing courses we run in-house. The only real difference is that, on these courses, the participants come from a range of organisations.



Online coaching  You can arrange one-on-one online coaching to help deepen your learning.

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