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Plain language

We have presented our Plain-Language Writing course:

  • more than 1,000 times to more than 15,000 people;
  • to all sorts of people in all sorts of organisations ― law firms, financial services organisations, government departments, doctors, scientists, researchers; and
  • online, face-to-face, in house and to public groups.
We can tailor this course to address your specific needs. We can use your documents for some exercises during the course ― and for all the homework exercises.
We have various versions of our course.  They run from 4 hours to 2 full days of training ― we can deliver the training in one session, or over several sessions.
We can also deliver short plain language "pep-talk" presentations to introduce your people to plain language or to re-enthuse them.

Engaging learning

Our course is engaging and heavily interactive. it covers:

  • using familiar words;
  • how to write clear sentences;
  • how to organise your ideas;
  • how to present your ideas in a way that will make sense to your reader; and
  • basic design and layout considerations.

Practical Learning 

The course involves:

  • several practical, rewrite exercises; and
  • a "homework" exercise in which each participant rewrites a document (preferably, back at their desk) then shares their rewrite in a group discussion. The discussion is positive and friendly. These homework exercises can be done before or during the course.

We believe the homework session is the key to getting people to really change the way they write.

We strive to help your people write documents that meet the International Plain Language Federation’s definition of plain language ― namely:

"A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended readers can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information."

International Plain Language Federation, definition

Our Managing Director, Christopher Balmford is on the Federation’s board,

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