Live online plain-language courses and online coaching

Online plain language training and coaching: just for you, or for a few people ― 2 options

You can choose from:
•    2 options for our live online plain-language training course ― delivered to a maximum of 10 people at a time by Bob Milstein; and
•    4 options for one-on-one coaching also with Bob. 

In-house training?  If you would like to arrange tailored, in-house training, for your people ― either online, or face-to-face in your offices ― then please contact us.

Our online plain language courses are open to anyone. The courses are based on our full-day, face-to-face, plain-language course. We have, between us, delivered the course more than 1,000 times ― for government bodies, law firms, financial services organisations, not-for-profits, and many more.  The founder, and Managing Director, of Words and Beyond, Christopher Balmford developed the course in the mid-1990s ― the course has been evolving ever since.

Now, in response to the social distancing required by the COVID-19 crisis, we have further evolved the course to make it work “live” online. Since June 2020, Bob has been running our courses online ― here’s a testimonial:

"The training worked really well in the digital format and was still engaging despite the fact we weren’t together in the same room."

Course option 1    3 x 2-hour sessions

You can book this course on its own, but we strongly encourage you to add at least one of the coaching exercises.

Course option 2   2 x 2-hour sessions

Available only if you also do at least 2 of the coaching exercises. Here’s why: our services aim to enable you to dramatically improve the clarity of your writing. That sort of change is unlikely to be achieved in 4 hours of online training. But we recognise that 6 hours of online training is a lot ― so we’ve tried to shorten that time, but still enable you to achieve the change you seek. The coaching exercises that support this session are designed to offset the loss of course time that we have with you.

We run these courses over Zoom. 

One-on-one coaching ― 4 options 

Your coaching options are:
Option 1   Before your course.  We send you a short letter to rewrite. You email us your rewritten version. We review your draft, mark-up our                           detailed feedback.      

Option 2   After your course.  Same process as Option 1, but the letter we send you to rewrite is longer and more challenging.

Option 3   After your course.  You send us a real-life document you have written applying your learning from the course; we send you a quote to                     review your document and to mark-up our feedback. Then we use the same process as the other coaching exercises. 

Option 4   Stand alone, ongoing coaching, tailored for you. You can arrange for us to work with you to help you improve your writing style ―                       even if you don't come on a training course.  Also you can arrange Option 3 without a course. 

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