One-on-one, online, plain language coaching  in-house, or just for you

You can arrange one-on-one, plain language, coaching for you or your people. There are 4 coaching options, see below.

We usually do the coaching online.  We believe the coaching works best if the person bing coached also attends one of our training courses. 

Even so, feel free to contact us about just coaching.  Option 3 can work as stand alone coaching.  Option 4 is all about us tailoring specific coaching for you or your people.

Coaching to support training course

Coaching with training or stand alone 

Option 1  

Pre-course coaching exercise ― using our document: $99 inc GST

Soon after you book your course, we email you a letter  for you to rewrite and email back at least 4 days before the course. We review your draft and mark-up our detailed feedback. Then after the first session on the course, we email the document back to you. 
The exercise is a short letter from a government agency to members of the public.  When we email you the letter, we also give you a list of factors to consider before you start to rewrite it.  Your rewrite is likely to take you between 30 and 60 minutes.
Our course participants 
welcome this exercise. It gives you an insight into your default writing voice and the habits ― good and not so good ― that you have developed. Also, it provides a rare opportunity to receive detailed, written feedback about a document you create.

Option 2   

After-course coaching  exercise ― using our document: $140 inc GST

The after-course coaching exercise is similar to Option 1, but the letter is longer and more challenging.  We give you a useful written brief that helps you rewrite the letter.  And we email you  written feedback about your rewrite.  We are happy to have a 10-minute conversation to discuss our feedback.

Option 3  

After-course coaching exercise ― using your document.   Also possible as a stand alone option. 

You send us a real-life document you have written. We'll ask you some background about your document, including about the document’s target audience and the purpose of the document. Then we send you a quote to review the document and give you marked-up feedback.  If you accept the quote, then we use the same review process as for the other coaching exercises.
If you have been on one of our training courses, then this coaching exercise will help you to consolidate your learning.  If you haven't been on the training, then this coaching might encourage you to join us for a course ― and it will help you improve your writing.
We are happy to have a conversation to discuss our feedback.
Estimate? Most people send us a 2-or 3-page document,  we usually charge about $300 to $500 for the coaching.
Book If you would like to arrange a quote for this coaching, then please contact us.
Sensitivities: privacy, confidentiality, etc. Before you share any of your work with us, you need to think through any confidentiality, or commercial-in-confidence, issues or privacy issues that may apply to the document. Rest assured, we deeply understand these considerations and undertake to preserve all confidentiality. Even so
  • you might like to seek clearance from your supervisor; and
  • it is almost certainly worth you replacing all identifying details with pseudonyms  e.g. Ms X, Ms Y, Company A, etc.

Option 4

Ongoing coaching tailored for you

You can arrange for us to work with you over a period to help you improve your writing style. With this option, we work with you ─ and if you like, with your supervisor ─ to identify both your writing priorities and the areas you need us to help you with. We can do all the coaching online and over the phone.  Usually, we review examples of your past writing, comment on documents you're writing now, and give you some exercises to work on that we then review together.

Book  If you would like to arrange tailored coaching ― either online, or face-to-face in your offices ― for you, or for your people, then please contact us.