What we do

We help your organisation develop a culture that values and delivers clear communication.

Who we are

Words & Beyond is founded on the belief that clear communication enhances the way you, and your organisation, interact with readers. Those readers might be your customers, your investors, your staff, or anyone. This founding belief has been the driving force behind our business since it began in 1999.

One of the key things we do is help your people write in a refreshingly clear style. A style that ensures – perhaps, for the first time – that your documents reflect and enhance your organisation’s brand. As we see it, an organisation’s documents help form “the voice of its brand”. If that “voice” is easy to read, to understand, and to use, then the organisation’s documents enhance its brand every time someone reads them. This is true for law firms, for companies, and for government.


We help your organisation develop a culture that values and delivers clear communication. We do that by:

  • training and coaching your people in plain language writing, grammar, email etiquette, punctuation and other courses
  • rewriting and editing your documents
  • providing clear communication cultural change services
  • preparing engaging and persuasive style guides that people want to use

Clients and Experience
Our clients include the largest law firms in Australia and a range of government agencies and public companies. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience in plain language training, professional services and the law. We are recognised both locally and internationally as leading plain language advocates and providers.


Contact Words and Beyond

PO Box 1680
Collingwood, Victoria
Australia 3066
ABN 29 086 468 233

We listen
  • we understand your brand
  • we assess your documents


We engage
  • we motivate and inspire your people
  • we bring your brand to your documents
We support

We are active advocates for clear communications and we support Clarity International