Plain language writing

Plain language course: an overview

Learning outcomes

These are the learning outcomes of the course:

  • participants are equipped with a set of guidelines and method to help them make any document clear - whether the document is a letter, brochure, contract, court document, regulatory document, report or proposal
  • participants practice applying the guidelines and method
  • participants gain the confidence to abandon any bad writing habits they may have and to replace them with plain-language guidelines and method
  • participants learn why clear communication is an essential part of being a lawyer or other professional of the highest standard and of having a client-focus
  • participants are able to creditably promote plain-language
  • participants believe that plain English is worth the effort
  • participants enjoy communicating clearly


We run the plain language course

  • as a team-specific course with some exercises (in particular the homework) tailored to the participants’ work
  • for senior people—with the same materials delivered at a faster pace, acknowledging the seniority of the participants
  • as an intensive program, where there is a special need to deliver to an individual or 2-3 people
  • for support staff—with the same materials—in a condensed format.


Tailoring the course content
We can use documents from your organisation as exercises.


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